From an Illinois prison to a modeling agency to a challenging career in New York, Grace Adams carries the pain and betrayal of her past, until she finds happiness in the arms of New York attorney Charles Mackenzie, but her new life is threatened by an old enemy who will do anything to destroy her

Yes, I am really really catching up with this! I have Sidney Sheldon, Nicholas Sparks and Danielle Steel novels all lined up.   Just started MALICE this day and I really wonder why I happen to read this time similar sensitive case? Wahhh this one is twice vile than what happened to Ashley in Sheldon's "tell me your dreams".

This is the story of a 17-yr old orphan convicted for manslaughter of his own father the night her mom was just burried.  Shrouded by unbearable mist of a dark family secret, Grace carries with her the pain and horror initially subjecting herseslf to a twisted form of love to protect the family she never had nor loved her back. She finds herself resolved to take on any deadly verdict.  It was with the help of her Molly, herpsychiatrist and her  attorney David where for the first time in her life she found a nurturing friendship.  
Grace being sentenced to a reduced degree served behind a more darker, riotous,beastly savage nature of the real life in prison.  The horrors of her past repeats itself more oddly as she becomes a helpless victim trapped by a supposedly gang rape with women headed by terrorizing Brenda.  Somehow, in the middle of this danger she fnds  timely rescue byLuana, antoher inmate who to her luck turned out to be the most-invincible-feared-one. Together with Luana and Sally, her cellmate, life turns bearable as she becomes stronger  She somehow found her inner peace as she shared friendship and protection of new friends. However two more heartbreaking things occured as she approaches the end of her term. Molly announces her wedding but the night she was headed for honeymoon, dies in plane crash while David (who's secretly in love and obssessed of her) finally moves away to get married.  

At the end of two years life will turn differently for Grace as she takes on a promising modelling career and meets  Charles Mackenzie.  Life seems beautful only that she finds herself extremely haunted by the past that may break her agan and again.
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