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"Hello," Alette said shyly.
The artist nodded toward the painting he was working on.
"What do you think?"
"Bellissimo. I think it's wonderful." And she waited for
her inner voice to say. For a stupid amateur. But it didn't
happen. She was surprised. "It's really wonderful."
He smiled. "Thank you. My name is Richard, Richard
"Alette Peters."
"Do you come here often?" Richard asked.
"Si. As often as I can. I don't live in San Francisco."
"Where do you live?"
"In Cupertino." Not-"It's none of your damn business" or
"Wouldn't you like to know?" but-"In Cupertino."
What is
happening to me?

"That's a nice little town."
"I like it." Not-"What the hell makes you think it's a
nice little town?" or "What do you know about nice little
" but-"I like it."
He was finished with the painting. "I'm hungry. Can I buy
you lunch? Cafe De Young has pretty good food."

Alette hesitated only a moment. "Va bene. I'd like that."
Not-"You look stupid" or "I don't have lunch with strangers,"

but-"I'd like that. " It was a new, exhilarating experience
for Alette

what i think: kinda really cute how even an alter is aware she isn't normal
touched perhaps by some sort of an undeniable chemistry. hehe 
arghhh sad it didn't end that lovey-happy 

"I had a terrible dream last night," Ashley said. She
closed her eyes, reliving it. "I was running. I was in a huge
garden filled with flowers... They had weird, ugly faces...
They were screaming at me... I couldn't hear what they were
saying. I just kept running toward something... I don't know
She stopped and opened her eyes.
"Could you have been running away from something? Was
something chasing you?"

"I don't know. I-I think I'm being followed. Dr. Speakman.
It sounds crazy, but-I think someone wants to kill me."
He studied her a moment. "Who would want to kill you?"
"I-I have no idea."
"Have you seen anyone following you?"
"You live alone, don't you?"
"Are you seeing anyone? I mean romantically?"
"No. Not right now."
"So it's been a while since you-I mean sometimes when a
woman doesn't have a man in her life-well, a kind of physical
tension can build up...."
What he's trying to tell me is that I need a good- She
could not bring herself to say the word. She could hear her
father yelling at her, "Don't ever say that word again.
People will think you're a little slut. Nice people don't say
flick. Where do you pick up that kind of language?"

"I think you've just been working too hard, Ashley. I
don't believe you have anything to worry about. It's probably
just tension. Take it a little easier for a while. Get more
"I'll try."
Shane Miller was waiting

what i think: Look whos talking! lol  initially i thought there is nothing wrong with father-daughter relationship, i suspected it was just the mother who died wahhhhhh but then it turned out to be both.  

It was amazing how much people could change in ten years.
They were fatter and thinner... prosperous and downtrodden.
They were married and divorced... parents and parentless...

what i think: it always feels like that on reunions! wahhh be the thinner,prosperous,younger,
married andhappy one ! :p 

 "Congratulations, David..."
"Good job..."
"You really showed them...."
David walked into his office. Holly was gone. David
started cleaning out his desk.
David turned around. It was Joseph Kincaid.
Kincaid walked up to him and said,
"What are you doing?"
"I'm cleaning out my office. I was fired."
Kincaid smiled.
"Fired? Of course not No, no, no. There
was some kind of a misunderstanding." He beamed. "We're
making you a partner, my boy. In fact, I've set up a press
conference for you here this afternoon at three o'clock."

David looked at him. "Really?"
Kincaid nodded.
David said, "You'd better cancel it. I've decided to go
back into criminal law. I've been offered a partnership by
Jesse Quiller
. At least when you're dealing with that part of
the law, you know who the criminals really are.

So, Joey,
baby, you take your partnership and shove it where the sun
don't shine."

what i thinK: lol! that's what all suckers deserve! hehehe this part made me feel so devilishly 
triumphant for David! hehe 
lesson: just be good to everyone okay? and love people sincerely not for what you can get out of the relationship alone. might be too late ... fate has funny twist! :p

There was such an incredible chasm between her innocent
vulnerability and the dark forces that were able to take over
her life. Every time he talked to Ashley, he had an
overpowering urge to try to protect her.
She's like a
daughter to me, he thought. Who am I kidding? I'm falling in
love with her.

Dr. Keller went to see Otto Lewison. "I have a problem,

"I thought that was reserved for our patients."
"This involves one of our patients. Ashley Patterson."
"I find that I'm-I'm very attracted to her."
"Reverse transference?"
"That could be very dangerous for both of you, Gilbert."
"I know."

"I didn't know I had any problems until- Well, you know."
"Do you know why, Ashley? Because you buried them. You
couldn't face what happened to you, so you built the fences
in your mind and shut the bad things away.
To one degree or
another, a lot of people do that."

 what i think:automatically shut off yah or it would hurt too much wed die. 

"Are you enjoying yourself?" he asked.
"Very much. Thank you." She looked at him and said,
"You're not like other doctors."
"They don't dance?"
"You know what I mean."
He was holding her close, and both of them felt the
urgency of the moment.
"That could be very dangerous for both of you,

It was all Gilbert Keller could do not to take her in his
arms and hold her and tell her that he loved her and
everything was going to be all right.
But, of course, it was
I'm her doctor.

I'll miss her. Dr. Keller thought. I'll miss her terribly.     

what i think: omg how do u handle that being in love with your patient?!

"Do you sleep well at night?"
"Now I do, yes."

"Tell Me Your Dreams."
"I used to have terrible dreams; something was always
chasing me. I thought I was going to be murdered."
"Do you still have those dreams?"
"Not anymore. My dreams are very peaceful. I see bright
colors and smiling people. Last night, I dreamed I was at a
ski resort, flying down the slopes. It was wonderful. I don't
mind cold weather at all anymore."

what i think: no its not just a simle question at all. It means so much
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