JACOB'S BOOK - obnoxious jacob! grrrr but nahhh he's funny.  book 2 is Jacob's point of view and i find
his style funny kind of annoying drama an stuff! Even his chapter titles are all so much of him, so so Jacobish!
Although i can sypathize with him hmmm or maybe even empathize, i still think his love is such a funny kind of melodrama!  

MISERY LOVES COMPANY - Edward shouldn't have a change of heart about the monster. ..or so he thought but then distraught and exploding in pain upon seeing how edward-bella-baby in tummy and rosalie hugged one moment which changed it all. A picture of happy family ....wahhhh then out jacob goes with edward's offer of fancy car to fnd someone to imprint with and forget how he feels.  hehe

JACOB THE ALPHA - wowww i love this part! Young and yet decisive, he knows when to stand up for his own and fight for bella you- and- me -against- the -world -type. It touches me how Edward can put burning courage for the one who calls him "bloodsucker" and the one he calls "dog".  Edwad has unvield to Jacob his real upper state, his birthright, the real heir and Alpha and showed him how to embrace it and save bella and all of the tribe. He may have left his own tribe but he needed to for what is RIGHT.

JACOB VS. BARBIE - lol  Jacob's one of favorite things everyday since Bella was pregnant was to stay close and find ways to hit on Barbie( jacob's very appropriate endearment for Rosalie) to get herr temper escalating .  He'd find apt jokes to annoy her which in a wierd way he and Edward can laugh together despite their thin layer (well at least thinning day to day layer of hostility)

Remember when he phased to his giant wolfy state and how he intentionally settled himself right where his feet would almost touch barbie's face. lol and how he planned to and visualize all sorts of evil strategic attack to put an end to Barbie and that little monster! :p and how it turned out funny after when he saw the face of the'z i thought it might happen to him for teasing his friend imprinting on that baby!

THE VANITIES OF ALICE - lol - wear-once-attire! that overreacting hallof fame designer and fashion model! wahhh andhow that makes bella under her submission likea dress up doll andall that! Her imposing ways for glamour and fashion be it on bella's wardrome to her parties ...graduation and wedding wahhhh! and after wedding and even post vampirazation!

BELLA the Seductress - LoL  UMMmmm i think when she tried to get the vampire going for it,  i kinda thought it should have been the other way around  and i was right Edward told her exactly wha i had in mind. hehe well she's right, he's an old-fashioned vampire and hehe i think bella is an inexperienced seductress.

BELLLA-EDWARD honeymoon - ahhahathe inexperienced and the hesitant ummm.... and then bella waking up asking why she has feathers all over her....and all those chunks of wood from their down-trodden bed! :p lol a dangerous vampire!

BELLA'S PREGNANCY- wahhh conceiving a human an dhalf immortal and al the harrowingg things that goes along with it unexpectedly like a too bg too fast-pased-cycle cracking her bones and sipping her blood.
Remember that cup of goeey red liquid and the slurping thirst-crazed mom? weeeee
wahhhhh well as the book warns...."if you love the one who is killling you, how could you not give it ...if it's someone you truly love?" 

BELLA'S emergency VAmpirization! - wahhhh silly girl who loves to be a vampire but so bold enough to o for that where Edward will have no choice.

BELLA'S FIRST HUNT - ummm wowww the remarkably beautiful model in her runway dress and designer shoes hehehe courtesy of sweet-fashion-obssessed-sis Alice! hehe out for her first festive meal!
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