I love this book! 
I am not surprised his father is caple of it.  Even when throughout the previous chapters he'z been described as a loving,sensitive,dedicated charitable best father in the world, somewhere int he story i doubted it.  I guess coz it's too good to be true? hahahaa i mean hehe no offense meant but when good sheeps are too good, hehe most often they are wolves!  

 True evil does exist.  I don't believe in literal hell fire but how i wish all incestful bastards end up there.  It gives me a strongly objecting disgust that her father who in the end was able to walk out freely and with a new family and another victim close by. Well, but in real lifethough sometimes it ends that way, some form of evil persists and we're unjustified. exactly the way we want.

Ashley's case of multiple personality disorder/disassociative idetity crises is quite something too close to impossible to prove in the court of law that refuses to take ghosts and demons or other similar stuff as evidence hehehe yah it's tough.

Hmm i wish hehe in my too-girly-predictable way, that in the end she had someone that would've brought real love for her. The real love that heals

But hmmm Ashley seems to be impossibly under the self-made snare she thought would save her. I reallly wish the father was condemened and out in the open, mask off, and that she has been completely cured with a promising future but hehe there she was singing that pop- goes- the -weasel again! too bad wahh but well..talking about reality.
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