From Taylor Swift's new album,

Say you're sorry
That face of an angel
Comes out just when you need it to
As I paced back and forth all this time
Cause I honestly believed in you
Holding on
The days drag on
Stupid girl,
I should have known, I should have known

I'm not a princess, this ain't a fairy tale
I'm not the one you'll sweep off her feet,
Lead her up the stairwell
This ain't Hollywood, this is a small town,
I was a dreamer before you went and let me down
Now it's too late for you
And your white horse, to come around

Baby I was naive,
Got lost in your eyes
And never really had a chance
My mistake, I didn't wanna be in love
You had to fight to have the upper hand
I had so many dreams
About you and me
Happy endings
Now I know

I'm not a princess, this ain't a fairy tale
I'm not the one you'll sweep off her feet,
Lead her up the stairwell
This ain't Hollywood, this is a small town,
I was a dreamer before you went and let me down
Now it's too late for you
And your white horse, to come around

And there you are on your knees,
Begging for forgiveness, begging for me
Just like I always wanted but I'm sooo sorry

Cause I'm not your princess, this ain't a fairytale
I'm gonna find someone someday who might actually treat me well
This is a big world, that was a small town
There in my rearview mirror disappearing now
And its too late for you and your white horse
Now its too late for you and your white horse, to catch me now

Oh, whoa, whoa, whoa
Try and catch me now
Oh, it's too late
To catch me now

I've watched Slumdog Millionaire out of curiousity and found out why it deserves the 8 Oscars. Another 87 wins & 33 nominations.

The story of  of Jamal Malik (Patel), an 18 year-old orphan Mumbai teen who grew up in the slums, who became a contestant on the Indian version of "Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?" Watch as he stuns Inspector and sixty million viewers at the profoundness springing from series of painful and  unfortunate life and love experiences which all seem too much of a burden for his growing years amazingly change and free his life.

A crazy yucky scene somewhere... hehehe
the boy falls on a  mountain pile of poop ! yikezzzz

I have a weak tummy ...wahhhhhhhh...

She once told me that the snow queen lived here
all year round it is sparkling white winter wonderland
at the nothern verge. Lapland.

The palace of the snow queen is in that deepest coldest place
the walls are built of glistening snow
in the palace where the windows are made of chilly brisk winds
the snow quen is sisolated from all the warmthof the world
freezing alone

she is the prettiest in the world but also the loneliest
so she but to take kay away
she once told me
are you...
taken away by the snow queen too?

Greta was looking for kay and came to where the snow queen was living in lapland
i also...i...
my loneliest and prettiest queen in this world
i'm here looking for you.. 
_The Snow Queen 

if you love an miss that person
then, love can come again when you meet again.
just like playing hide an seek...
no matter where it hides or even if you can't see it...
it must be waiting at some place or me.
amid the countless chaos
just like the sinere prayers of love
the people in love will surely meet again.

_ Spring Waltz 

There was once a girl warm as the sea
who took a boy as lonely as an island into her heart
she was like spring to the boy
whose whole life had been like winter all year long
this piece is for that sparkling girl

_Spring Waltz

if you realy like me, then i have confidence that i can live 100 years
not bec. i am hey'su's sisterbut bec. i'm bok sil

i really really love you  ...
i love you whe n you are really angry

"hey girl you want to die?" i do love when you shout loudly at me like that
i like you when you smile too
kim bok sil bok sil ..whenever you call me lik that, i feel like

i'm going crazy
do you know that

 _Which Star Are You From

don't go
i'm telling you not to go
i...will only bring you pain will only be despicable
will only be a jerk but if that's okay
then don't go
i love you
the I love

the one i love is with bear paws
naive and strong
doesn't listen to anything

bumpkin kimboksil
i love you i don't want you to go
i want you to be by my side

don't go

_Which Star Are You From

even though i raise my hands to hide the heavens
as though nothing an be kept hidden
my loveing heart can't be hidden either

ilove you
afraid of the goodbye
that's behind love
why is life so hard
i'm terrified, i'm never letting you go
i'll never make you regret my love for you
the hidden sky's dark and

even though the road in frontof us may be blocked it's ok
my love's strength will shine for you. dont worry.
because ilove. i love you so much
until my breath stops
i won't forget you even until
i'm at the end of this world

because i dream of you
dream of you so much...

_Which Star Are You From 

i didnt know hye su would die
didn't know that i woud meet bok sil

didn't know i would come after her
an ddidn't know i would run
so i can only do one thing

I can only run an run
_Which Star Are You From

even if you were never able to remember me again
you're alive in my heart
i ihold on to you in my memories
i'm exhausted from tears
you'll come back to me one day
back into my arms

oh i'll give my love oh when i
hold you tight i love you
i needed to tell you tat least these words
i love you forever

separting once and meeting again twice
ou look at me with tow different pairs of eyes
i loved everything about you so much
i'll love you again , even your pain

_Save The Last Dance

even if i can't recover my memory, ... no, even if i can
recover my memory and return to an unfamiliar reality
i will love you forever
and i will stay with you always

i promise his

_Save The Last Dance