What do i say? I am still in the world of vampires and werewolves lol luckily without any trace of bite or scratch. LOL!

The benefit of reading twilight saga when the rest of the family had done so centuries ahead :0 :p ... is simply this...

Theres no one to bug you with some hints, clues, teasers or spoilers of it's kind while they are still in all in the hype of it and just get too impatient to hold off excitement so as to avoid being insensitive to others who are yet to start.


In my case... I am so free! I still do feel the ache to preview what might've been chapters or books ahead but hehe i'd really rather not hear it. :P

I am still trapped somewhere in Forks and La Push, to and fro those territorial bounderies wahhhhhhh but i'm definitely TEAM VAMPIRE! hAaaayzz lucky bella! Torn between two mythical monsters! :P
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