I am still feeling like I am trapped in Forks with Bella waiting for that stupid vampire to reappear somewhere from thick nothingness and void unknown.  :_(  

Haven't slept well since i started reading around 11pm coz I couldn't leave Bella alone. :(  Wahhh I just found myself empathizing with Bella too much I guess because her story in some ways is similar to mine.   Edward left so traceless.

 "it would be as if i've never existed... "
Men ...  whatever they're made of...they share a common atom

"Don’t worry. You’re human—your memory is no more than a sieve. 
Time heals all wounds for your kind. "
Now how fair is that? " :_(

Throughout the chapters i was waiting for him to show up again for Bella and up to the last chapter i stopped, wahhh....

Umm, but are about to on that page I paused.  Lol's but why would it take a grl jumping off the cliff  to a deathly chilling lake before a guy, vampire or human should realize he took a wrong path being without the one he loves?

Book 1, i thought edwards a masochistic lion indeed
Book 2 ummm He's such a sadistic lion! hahaha

ooops okay we'll should i say both?
While he wndered away entertaining himself with all possible distractions, he was dying too...self-denial is a very painful wall. ...

Anyway I have like 6 chapters more.

I'm in love! Hayzzzzzzzzzzz
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