I've been playing Social City, another game brought to facebook by playdom, maker of mobsters. Hmmm Now i think the game has a pretty interesting concept actually that takes you from the sickening,drowning stupid clicks of suffocating farmville life. : P weee!

Now from the apartment of yoville,to the once easy peaceful life in the farm, this time to a regionion where you can lead your city to big booom!

As a mayor, you are given a population you can grow, build commercial buildings,liesure buidings, factories,homes,create beautiful landscape.  Buying homes allows your population to grow. You need to create more commercial/liesure buildings  as they grow and need to produce more at the factory to be able to get those buildings. You have to work a sensible balance between your population and your liesure. Too much population without liesure will make citizens unhappy and eventually your people won't grow in number.  (
Also note, your citizens are just as unhappy will pause its growth if liesure buildings are dirty and need cleaning so watch out for the broomstick sign and make cleanups so they produce. You do need to take proper look at the list of contracts you get from your factories coz that's how you earn your money to buy more buildings. :)  Job contracts are available in a wide range that you can chooose the best one to earn you while on your computer or away for some time.  It can be tricky as some contracts offer you big wage but then somehow are too expensive to sign up with. I love to look at the contracts and study which brings more money sensibly with less investment and good duration. :)   Choose what's best for your schedule and avoid stress. :)

make it quick
 commercial buildings,houses-create population
liesure buildings/sceneries-allows population growth
factories-create money
money-will get you buildings and factories :)

I love this game it's pretty addictive BUT
I do believe what TURNS OFF players might be
Wahhhhh I am sick of how the loading time bug just can't get permanently fixed. It's a pitty that playdom got such great concept but poooor server. I doubt if much of us will  be insistently playing the game when it's NOT LOADABLE, NOT PLAYABLE for series of days like i'm suffering for two weeks now.

:( I used to be the top city among my friend's list but now ... i don't know how much i've slipped down because of playdom's poor connectivity problems. I still think playfish and zynga games doesn't give me this headache!
or....well if they did one timme or two, they act on it and get it fixed so we keep and enjoy the application.

Paging playdom pleaaaaaaase fix it! :(
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