A new game by playfish is hotel city! It's similar to home inn but by comparison it is more colorful and intersting.I expect items will be updated everyweek and new things to discover will be added too as this is from the makers of my favorite pet society!!! :)

The game is cute and simple. You manage your hotel,expand it so there'll be more guests and you earn more.
You get to buy rooms and put them together.

functional room- cleaning room where you can hire a staff to work as hotel keeper and clean up guest rooms

commercial rooms- gymn,restaurant,bar,cinema,swimming pool, arcade (allows you to hire staff again to manage a particular room

decorated rooms- it's a predesigned room you can just drag to the building so u don't have to worry about choosing for interiors

guest room- smaller to big rooms you can drag and decorate

you can max the decoration bar in each rooms and get more coins per guests :)

weee i love poking on the guests and earning 450 coins per head and visitng friends and recieving my bag of coins for the day! :) you can poke your friends' guests too and earn. it's quicker to earn here although items are expensive too hehe and you need to hire real friends from your facebook so that you get rid of temporary staff in your hotel each time you add a commercial building as it makes shift rates so high that way.

Talking about hiring...
Playfish should fix "hire/temporary staff" problem before more and more of it's players get's too annoyed and just delete the application. Wahhh it's happening for me and it's sooo frustrating that it's been days and they haven't fixed it. : P
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